Do I need a prescription to come to physical therapy?

Yes and No.  In the State of Texas and the State of Oklahoma, physical therapists can evaluate without a prescription.  In order to receive treatment, a physician, podiatrist, dentist, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner must sign a prescription for physical therapy.

How do I schedule an appointment?

The best way to schedule is to call the clinic where you plan to attend physical therapy.  The numbers for our three clinics are:

Paris: (903) 785-3861
Hugo: (580) 326-0036
Clarksville: (903) 427-6419

In most cases, it is beneficial for you to call ahead to fill out your insurance and past medical history paperwork.  This will help speed up the process on the day of your evaluation as well as allow for time to have your insurance benefits verified.

PTCP – New Patient Paperwork

What should I bring with me on my first physical therapy visit?

It is important to bring your prescription, insurance card(s), driver’s license, and any other medical information that is important for your physical therapist to know.  This may include radiologist reports from x-rays, MRIs, or CT scans, medication lists, etc.  It is also important to dress comfortably since you will be moving around a lot.  Wearing shorts for leg injuries and short sleeve shirts for arm injuries are examples.

What will happen on my first physical therapy visit?

After filling out important past medical history forms, you will be fully evaluated by a physical therapist.  Your physical therapist will review your medical history forms and the information on your prescription.  You will have an opportunity to explain exactly what your reason for coming to physical therapy is as well as your goals.  Your physical therapist will have you perform multiple movements and tests to determine the cause of your impairment (pain, weakness, stiffness, swelling, etc).  Your physical therapist may also perform some hands on testing such as palpation of painful locations and joint mobility testing.  Once completed, you will be given a full explanation of your impairment(s) and how physical therapy treatment will be started and progressed.

Is it normal for me to be sore after the first physical therapy visit?

Yes.  In order to best figure out the source of your pain, you will perform movements and your physical therapist will perform tests to elicit your pain.  It is extremely important to be able to find the exact movements and/or tests that cause your pain in order to know how to effectively treat your condition.  Once all the testing is complete, it is normal to have some soreness later in the day as well as into the next day.  Your physical therapist will communicate how to best manage this soreness during your evaluation.

How do I know my insurance will cover physical therapy services?

Our physical therapists are in network with most major insurance carriers as well as Medicare and Medicaid.  Before your initial evaluation, you will have the opportunity to speak to one of our representatives about your insurance coverage.  If you have any concerns, feel free to contact our office as soon as possible to have your insurance benefits confirmed prior to your initial evaluation visit.