Meet our Staff

  • Sandra Durham

    Sandra Durham

    Sandra has a Master of Physical Therapy from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and specializes in Cerebrovascular Accident, Spinal Cord Injury, Balance Deficits and Amputation.

  • Selvaraj “Josh” Franklin

    Selvaraj “Josh” Franklin

    Josh has a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from Bharathiar University (India) and specializes in Outpatient Neurologic Rehabilitation, Vestibular Rehabilitation and Balance Deficits.

  • Bill Gandy

    Bill Gandy

    Bill has a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from Texas Woman's University and specializes in Aquatic Therapy, Sports Medicine and Outpatient Orthopedics.

What our patients say

  • Outdoor activities and exercise have always been an enjoyable and important part of my life. In March, 2010, I had an accident in which I sustained a compound fracture of the knee which required 2 surgeries. Consequently, even the activities of daily living became a challenge because of chronic pain and weakness in a major weight bearing joint. To gain strength and mobility, I engaged in water walking and rode the stationary bike. These activities helped some, but I still experienced a lot of pain every day. In Feb., 2012, Kyle invited me to try the Alter G Antigravity treadmill, which allows a person to run without the impact of full body weight. The goal was that I could gain strength and mobility and perhaps reduce the pain in my knee. I was thrilled with the idea of being able to run again! So began this Alter G journey with the professional guidance of the dedicated therapy team of Physical Therapy Clinic of Paris. My first run was for fifteen minutes at fifty-three percent of my body weight. Two and one half years later, I am running for one hour, twice a week, at an average of seventy-five percent of my body weight. I have logged almost sixteen hundred miles and even ran a 5K race earlier this year. The exemplary care and expertise that I have received at PTCP has allowed me to reach my goals and beyond. I would like to express my gratitude to them for providing this opportunity to do what I thought had become impossible.

    Lyn Salas, Alter G Antigravity Treadmill

  • "Going to miss these guys. Marc has been great... Would not take Physical Therapy any other place."

    Sue, Paris Clinic Patient

  • "I have enjoyed working with my physical therapist, Marc McNeal. The therapy session is so good they have everything you need to exercise..."

    Bettie, Paris Clinic Patient

  • These past 10 months have been a definite handful for me. I went from softball to having shoulder surgery. When an athlete gets injured it either makes them or breaks them. I know it definitely made me a stronger person throughout everything I did. Giving up or failure was never an option for me. I know that I wouldn't have made it without God, my family, my friends and of course Bill and Eddie. I could never say thank you enough. They pushed me to my limits, and when I wanted to quit they continued to push me. I just want to thank y'all for everything y'all did for me during my recovery. I couldn't have made it to where I am without y'all!

    Tanna Huie, SPASE program